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Home in Harmony

Batik is home in harmony with community, nature and neighborhood. A dynamic part of Yesler, bringing together all walks of life for work, life and play.

Located on the First Hill Streetcar line, Batik is minutes to downtown, Pioneer Square, and Capitol Hill. Home to a 1.8-acre central park, three pocket parks, a half-mile green loop, and dedicated city gardens, Yesler feels less like high-rise city living, and more like a friendly, down-to-earth neighborhood. Soon to be yours to call home.

Our neighborhood was built on inclusiveness and so are we. We enjoy bringing neighbors and residents together, shaping a new Yesler where everyone’s invited.


Home comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and spaces at Batik. Choose from open one bedrooms all the way up to two-bedroom designs. And don’t forget to enjoy the view.

Patterned with soul

Home expands beyond your walls, with soulful amenities that invite you to relax, recharge and restore.

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